Saturday, August 8, 2009


Fucking AWESOME. I would buy that dub.


I stumbled up these just a few minutes ago and totally blew my nerd-wad up in this bitch!

The WOLVERINE trailer is... fucking confusing. Either they're adapting that shitty DEL REY "manga", or they never bothered to read a WOLVERINE book. I have a strong suspicion that Wolverine will, at some point, make out with Sabertooth, thus releasing years of built up sexual tension and titilating both 12-year old yaoi obsessed fangirls, and homosexual comic store managers (you know who you are).

Seriously, though, Wolverine is a beautiful, beautiful, man in this trailer, and it's weirding me out. He's, like, 7 feet tall, has no body hair, and is totally not Canadian. It may as well just NOT be Wolverine. I can't tell is I'm being a fanboy asshole for nit-picking on what a confoundingly off model adaptation this looks to be, or if I have the right to be a little peeved that they seem to have totally missed the mark here.

The animation is beautiful though.

IRON MAN, on the other hand, looks SICK AS FUCK. That is EXACTLY what you both want and expect from the anime version of Iron Man... cool ass robots, shit exploding, and guys being rocket punched through the Tokyo Tower! BOOSH! Nerd-wad exploded. I heard tell that this was going to be a 26 episode series, which totally has me excited, and unlike the WOLVERINE trailer, while they obviously took some liberties, I think the premise of Iron Man actually sort of appeals to the Japanese storytelling sensiblities and remains mostly intact. Same but different is totally the way to go with a project like this, combining the best of both worlds and making something that has broad appeal on both sides of the planet.

On an unrelated note, I've also starte watching the French produced, CGI animated, IRON MAN: ARMORED ADVENTURES, and it's actually really good. The animation is really nice, the storytelling is smart and mature without going so adult as to alienate the younger audience, and some of the design stuff is fucking amazing... he has an EVANGELION LAUNCH TUBE! Awesome. I don't know how IRON MAN went from being a B-Grade comic book hero to MARVEL's top media property (*cough* Robert Downey JR *cough*), but he's beating the FUCK out of media cross-promotion.

On a related note...


I'm totally excited, as MARVEL has finally been getting their animation game together since HULK/WOLVERINE/THOR, which was awesome, and PLANET HULK is the best HULK story I've probably ever read... it's HULK as CONAN. Awesome monsters, gladiator fights, giant robots, incredible violence, drama, romance, a strong character arc... PLANET HULK has fucking EVERYTHING.

My only complaint is with the Hulk design... why is he so tiny and so pretty? That's a little weak. Other than that, I'm totally exited.