Saturday, October 18, 2008


Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo) - Black Kids

I got this off of Corey Lewis LiveJournal.

I'm not even going to pretend I'm hip enough to know who these kids are... frankly, I thought this video was actually old as fuck, until I saw the 2008 logo at the end. The song has a very late 80's, early 90's feel, and the throwback matting they used in the video also gave me that impression, but now I see it was all a clever ruse... an emotional time machine that manipulates your feelings of nostalgia through a non-stop barrage of 80's cartoon references.

I'm pretty sure I didn't get them all, as a lot were cleverly disguised, but the opening is obviously taken from the opening to DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (where they get abducted on the theme park ride to another dimension), the first logo is based on the logo from SILVERHAWKS, the blonde girls scarf and helmet are from SPEED RACER, the guy with the visor and the guy in the dog suit are Han and Chewie, and I think the ship is from something else; it looks familiar to me, and I think I had a toy of it, but I can't remember what it's from. The cars are from M.A.S.K., and the next logo is from BIONIC SIX, which the running gag is also from (Rock-1's power was speed), and the posing montage that follows is also from the BIONIC SIX opening (AWESOME show). The guy's sword is from VOLTRON (I think...), and I think the dog playing the guitar might be a reference to KID VIDEO, but I can't be sure, as I never saw more than the opening to that show. The next few references, if they are indeed referencing anything, I can't place, right up until the "Heads all turn at once", which is from THUNDERCATS (I like how they kept the Snarf tail gag as well... AMAZING). I'm not sure what the third logo is from... BLACK STARR maybe? I think the visor guy's flying might be from MIGHTY ORBOTS... and that's all the references I could catch.

If anyone can fill in the gaps or correct me on stuff I might have goofed on, please do!

Oh, and on another note... these kid's ain't bad. I sort for like their music.


The spaceship is from GALAXY RANGERS, someone just pointed out to me. I can't believe I missed that... >_< I feel nothing but 80's cartoon nerd-shame for missing something so obvious.


RSJ is totally right... I recognize the overexposed film footage and the temple after the "Silverhawks" logo as being from MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD. He's also right about the blond girls costume being from POLE POSITION... actually, all of the animation up until the car turns into the one from M.A.S.K. is from the POLE POSITION opening. I think there's even a reference to JEM in there when the dog catches them all in the music web... am I making that up? RSJ was also right on the third logo, which is from UYLSSES 31... there are other references from that as well (the guy standing on the pillars is also from the UYLSSES 31 opening). Also, the sword part I mistook for being from VOLTRON, is actually from the UYLSSES opening, and the three ships combining as well... LOTS of UYLSSES 31 in this video actually... I think that's the most love that show ever got, despite being AWESOME.

The depth of this video's nerd-references astonishes me... I'm so fucking in love with this video.


Eisu said...

Dude, check your mail man (ha ha), I sent an e-mail about needing your home address to send Kurse to? Also, did you see the Kurse that I did?

Halliday said...

Yes, check YOUR e-mail. :B

Sorry dude, I'm just terrible at checking my e-mail, because people generally don't e-mail me.

And that drawing of KURSE was awesome. Thanks guy! I'll post it up here sometime, if that's alright with you.

Eisu said...

I'm totally cool with that, what you do is your own volition since it's your prize

Anonymous said...

I can't beat your number of references. There looks to be some mysterious cities of gold stuff in there with the fake mountain and such.

@$$ said...

I second the Mysterious Cities of Gold hypothesis, and toss in a Ulysses 31.
Also, as I said before, I think the Speed Racer vibe is just the stuff Pole Position ripped off, as TESS also rocked the neck-kerchief/helmet combo in that show as well.

Additionally, I suspect the same of the Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman vibe I get being stuff Rankin Bass ripped and recycled for Silverhawks.

Speaking of which, I think that one shot of that dude flying through space is a Silverhawks riff, as he clearly begins with his arms completely outspread.

Mighty Orbot NEVER broke it's bent-arm flying posture.



Halliday said...

RSJ>I think Mysterious Cities of Gold is much closer than what I thought for the blocks (I guess Q-Bert). I never actually watched Pole Position...I've only seen the opening on YOUTUBE, so you're probably right. You're probably right about the Silverhawks thing as well, but I swear that guys got his arms bent, which is why I thought ORBOTS.

You know a lot about '80's cartoons.