Thursday, March 25, 2010

SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD: The Muthafucking Trailer, Bitches.

I'm going to have to clean my apartment this weekend, after having exploded my nerd-wad all over it, HA HA HA!

Seriously though, after, like, two years of anticipation, and months of wondering when the fuck a trailer would come out, this TOTALLY exceeded my expectations... well, at least visually. As a trailer, I feel like this was more of a teaser trailer and didn't really give you much information on what the movie is actually about beyond the premise; but it does promise spectacular fights, romance, comedy, and just shit that you've ever seen before in a movie. There are some great sight gags in the trailer (the "Get's-It" meter is my favorite), that really seem in keeping with the spirit of the book. I had no idea what Edgar Wright's concept for this movie was going to be, much less how he'd pull it off, but I did know that he would be the guy to do it. This is beyond promising.

Cast looks good... May Whitman is well cast; excited about that. I wasn't feeling Micheal Cera before... I like him, but I've never seen him play a dude with confidence, however misplaced, but now I just look like an asshole; he kills it up in this trailer. The dude stepped up.

Overall... I'm stoked. Ravenous with anticipation and my characteristic impatience. Fuck does August seem a long ways away...

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