Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sketchbook 06/19/08

These first three are just me trying to warm up in preparation for the story I'm trying to come up with... it's about a girl on this weird fantasy/sci-fi world full of weird aliens and monsters, and she goes on this big NEVERENDING STORY/LABYRINTH style adventure.

Just trying a variety of things to come up with weird creatures... still trying to resolve the cartoonish VS realism issues... I find that I really like drawing necks, more than anything, even if I'm just making shit up most of the time because I don't have an anatomy book beside me at work.

My personal favorite of all of them is the guy with the testicle chin... I totally didn't even realize he has balls for a chin until after I'd started rendering it. It sort of fits though, and lends something to his character, which looks to be a sort of fancy pants alien Pope who's really into himself, even though he's got nuts on his face.

The Rorono Zorro (or Rolono Zollo depending on who's scanlating...) is pretty old... last fall maybe? I did this from a PVC statue I bought at FIRST MARKHAM PLACE awhile ago. Not a great drawing, but I like some elements of it. It feels structured at least. The sash was a worthwhile endeavor.

The last two are also really old... some drawing done from LUBA by Gilbert Hernandez, one of my recent favorite books. It took a lot of goading on Jason Azzopardi's part to get me to read it and LOCAS, by Jaime Hernandez, but he was right... I fucked loved it. I was particularly surprised by how much I loved Gilbert's art, as I don't usually like that kind of style, but he's a really solid cartoonist, with a brilliant sense of storytelling, and well thought out linework. I actually like his older art a lot better than his recent art, which I feel has become over simplified and sort of stiff. Jaime Hernandez on the other hand has really excelled as an artist, and is just phenominal... the guy is truly amazing.

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