Sunday, June 22, 2008


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Where the fuck are all the Asian people? I mean... there are SOME Asian people in this movie... set in Asia, based on a Japanese comic, based on an Asian Folktale, with predominantly Asian characters... but there's only, what, like Asian's in the entire cast... not one of which is Goku?

Ok, maybe I'm just being stupid... Goku isn't technically Asian... he's a Saiyan, so, yeah, he can be whatever ethnicity you want, I suppose. Still... something seems wrong about that. I think the only good thing about the cast for this movie is that James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) is Picollo... just because James Marsters is awesome. Hell... he might even be a good Picollo. Still won't stop this movie from sucking ass. I-I... don't even recognize most of these characters... and ERNIE HUDSON!?! I have nothing against Ernie Hudson... he helped give up GHOSTBUSTERS, one of the best movies of all time... but still... why is he in this movie, playing a character that was never in DRAGONBALL?

This movie is just a huge mistake... not only is DRAGONBALL unadaptable, but it's waaaaaaaaay past it's popularity. I'm sorry, that's just how it is. Let's focus on better things... like METAL GEAR SOLID. That could potentially be pretty sexy given the level of input that Hideo Kojima seems to have in the project (I like how he actually stated that Uwe Bowell was not even allowed to fart in the direction of this movie).

On another note, I saw GET SMART and KUNG-FU PANDA this weekend, and neither sucked... in fact they were both pretty fucking good. I'm pretty content.

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RSantosJr said...


Dragonball is TOTALLY adaptable.
The last 10 years of action cinema has stolen practically every aspect of the Dragon Ball universe and brought it the the big screen one movie and one scene at a time.

The problem with adapting Dragon Ball is trying to adapt ALL of Dragon Ball all in one movie.
That, is a formula for failure.

To start off the Dragon Ball saga, your first villain shouldn't be PICCOLO. Your first villain is THE MOON.

Goku should be a CHILD.

Ethnicity is a non-issue. Have you forgotten that the Dragon Ball world is populated in equal portions by anthropomorphic dogs and pigs?

Anything is possible, dude.