Saturday, July 19, 2008


Haven't had any really good thoughts to post about in a while, but expect me to write a LOT about THE DARK KNIGHT... as soon as I'm sure I'm not ruining anyone's day.

In the meantime, since there's no way I can possibly spoil this for anyone, take a look at the WATCHMEN trailer (see left).

Now, see, embarassingly enough, I have yet to read Alan Moore's seminal, industry changing, politically charged, graphic novel. I know enough about it... I know the premise and key story elements, I know the characters, I've just never really gotten around to reading it (Jerry has informed me that a new hardcover will be made available soon, so I'll probably buy that and then read it, as the ABSOLUTE EDITION is way to pricey for something I don't really have strong feelings about... yet, anyways), so I can't really say I have any expectations for how they could fuck this movie up, beyond the usual ways that Hollywood usually fucks up movie adaptations of comics I like (GHOST RIDER anyone? I think GHOST RIDER is, like, the worst case scenario for any comic book movie... maybe the old CAPTAIN AMERICA, but you can at least forgive that for being so shitty because it was the 80's and they had no budget... GHOST RIDER had millions of dollars and modern technology and they STILL fucked it up beyond all recognition). That said... this trailer looks pretty fucking sick.

This is obviously really early stuff, as the movie is almost an entire year away, but I sort of like how artificial Doctor Manhattan looks, as it plays to the idea that he's turned himself into an idealized version of himself, and distanced himself from humanity. I've noticed a number of visual cues from the graphic novel (most notably the Owlship rising from the river), and I got a little chill listening to Rorscach's creepy little monolouge. That SMASHING PUMPKINS song is creepy too.

Frankly, I've gone from absolutely Zero interest in this movie to frenzied anticipation. I'm totally excited. Of course, I'll probably pay for saying that the next time I see Jason Azzopardi.


RSantosJr said...

I've never read the Watchmen.

I've yet to see The Dark Knight.

I am, however, eagerly awaiting the official Comickaider Halliday review of Avatar: The Series Finale.

I'm not certain if the episodes have aired yet, but I know when you see it, and start to typing... something AMAZING will happen.

Halliday said...

I downloaded and watched it this morning... I'll definately be writing something soon. Amazing stuff, but I have issues.

seraphicgate said...

Lol. You're forgetting the Nick Fury movie.

Yes. Nick Fury. Starring none other than the Hoff.