Monday, September 7, 2009

COOKING MADE SIMPLE: Pay Attention College Kids.

I think I'm starting to feel my age. I work with two guys that are 4 years younger than me, one of whom lives at home with his parents, and one who lives on his own. Neither of them knows how to cook for themselves, and both subsist on a steady diet of microwave dinners, McDonalds, and junk food. So to educate you hapless college kids that never had the inclination to take a home-ec class (like one of my co-workers) because, quote, "I thought home-ec was for pussies...", here's a quick, simple, and delicious recipe you can do at home using stuff that you should probably have on hand anyways, and will cost you fuck all in money or effort.


First get some boneless chicken breasts. You either grill it plain, or use a simple spice rub (as I did) to give it some flavor. Don't overcook the chicken; you don't want to dry it out. I cooked mine for 15 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit on my George Foreman grill. Cut the chicken into strips, lengthwise.

Next, I made a fresh salad, and just used that as a garnish. Lettuce, carrots, green peppers, radish, and cherry tomatoes.

Now grate some cheese (I used mozzarella in this case).

Finally get your dressing ready (anything can do, I'm using ceaser dressing in this case).

First, lay out your fajita.

Add chicken strips, laying them lengthwise, side by side.

Add dressing, spreading it evenly.

Add cheese, also spread out evenly.

Garnish with a good selection of vegetables.

Fold the bottom up.

Fold over, and roll.

VOILA! You're done! Now add a salad, maybe throw some leftover chicken in there, and garnish with any leftover cheese you have, and whatever dressing you like.

Done! A healthy, easy to make, meal that costs you fuck all! You should get about four fajita's out of one chicken breast. Now...

Eat that shit! And...

Enjoy that shit!