Monday, September 7, 2009


Some photos I took today to show off my condo, since I've yet to figure out what form my house-warming should take (I'm open to suggestions... ^_^;;;), just to further prove that I know how to take care of myself.

BREAKFAST: 09/07/09

During the week I don't have enough time in the morning to make a really elaborate breakfast, so I usually just have cereal and some kind of fruit, and wait until I get to work to have my morning coffee, but on the weekends I cut loose. Breakfast is my favorite meal; let's face it, it's fucking delicious. Here is my usual "Big Breakfast" special: Two buttermilk pancakes, four pieces of bacon; crispy, two sausages, home fries, scrambled eggs, orange juice and coffee. MMM-HMMMMM, GOOD!

KITCHEN: Entry View

A little dark, but hopefully it gives a sense of scale.

KITCHEN: Front View

Kitchen from the front.

KITCHEN: Side View

Kitchen from the side. Not very interesting, really... it has stuff I use to keep myself alive in it.


The living room, which is where I do all my living! From here you can see my computer desk, which is covered with interesting knick-knacks and do-dads; sketch books, change bucket, some toys (Pluto defends the modem from hackers, while Nami and Vivi flank my giant COMPLETE CALVIN AND HOBBES hardcover).


From here you can see my two awesome book shelves (the BENNO from Ikea... superior to the BILLY in my opinion; sturdier, more customizable, and cost effective), the right one has all my oversized and 'special' manga, and the left one for my various hardcovers and 'special' comics. I won't go into what makes a book 'special' here, but it boils down to books that I am not embarassed to have on display when my parents or comics snobs visit.


A little dark again, but you can see my moderately not shitty view... better than looking out on scenic Yonge Street! :B You can see my grandmothers old house from here, as well as a school that is most assuredly going to become a condo someday!


From here you can see my "Tower of Triumph", which is all my electronics stacked on top of each other. They combine together like DEVASTATOR or some other TRANSFORMER gestalt to form ENTERTAINOR, the only being in the universe who has the power to fight off my boredom. You can also see a small part of my DVD collection... all my TV shows and nerd DVD's. I need more shelves. -_-


And we're back around to the kitchen.

BATHROOM: Entry View

Bathroom... stay out of it for at least 35... 45 minutes (points to anyone that gets that reference).

BEDROOM: Entry View

Now entering my bedroom...

BEDROOM: North East

This is what I see when I wake up in the morning. And if you think that TV is too big for a bedroom, you are WRONG! If only it could be bigger...


The first of my many NERDWALLS... look at all the books! Of course... this isn't all the books I brought with me... I've had to shed a LOT of stuff. A LOT. And I have yet more to shed... -_-

BEDROOM: North West

A little dark, but this is my secondary manga shelf. I'll have to replace it with something else eventually, and put these in the living room. I use that TV table as a nightstand when I sleep.

BEDROOM: South West

Speaking of sleep... my bed! This is probably the BEST futon I've ever had... I got it from IKEA, like most of my furniture, and it's operation is as smooth as silk and requires no effort on my part at all. It's queen size, has a comfortable, firm, matress, and is entirely affordable at, like, $250.00 CAD. Plus there's storage space underneath.

BEDROOM: Closet Right

I like keeping my nerdwalls behind doors, so that I can hide my nerdiness if nessessary... though I guess that's pointless, since there are other nerdwalls all over the place. Still, when the doors are closed, at least I'm only 75% nerd. The dresser has more manga in it, and there's anime and import manga sitting on top.

BEDROOM: Closet Left

More anime, and then art books... guess what's in that inconspicuous brown box. Just guess.

BEDROOM: Display Case

And finally, this is the display case were I keep (most) of my toys. Unfortunately, I'm totally out of space, and I still have a rather large box of gashapon left in my storage locker that I'm trying to figure out what to do with...

ME: Enjoying the Fuck out of Life

Yes I am.

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erikochan said...

Hey Derek, the place looks great. Glad to see you've settled in. :)