Monday, April 28, 2008


This is my first "arting" in awhile... I'm slowly trying to get back into the "art" groove, as it's been awhile since I drew anything seriously.

I... have never been a very confident artist. I like to draw, and at one point I LOVED it... and I have to admit that I have come incredibly far since I first started seriously drawing... and I owe a lot of that to my schooling (as much as I hate hate HATED Maxine, I learned a lot at Max the Mutt Animation... it was once a good program... I have no idea what it's like there now), but I'm nowhere near being the kind of artist I wish I was... technically or creatively, and I'm very easily prone to discouragement. But... you persevere and you grow.

Anyways, this is a dirty pencil sketch I painted over... I was trying to get some ideas flowing for a childrens adventure story, and this was the only drawing I was somewhat happy with, and now that I have a working scanner again, I wanted to see if I could remember anything about Photoshop... I don't. But I didn't really know anything before. I should really get Painter and start from scratch. I'm sort of happy with the background, but overall this looks very 1998 fan art-ish to me. -_- Blaaargh.

Not sure how long this took, but it's pretty unGodly, considering how amatuerish it is.

Anyways, enough shitting on myself. I promise to never do this again.

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