Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comikaider Chapter 1: What the Fuck is Comikaider!?!

This is going to be my awkward first post, so bear with me.

For those that already know me, please skip this, for those that don't, Hi! My name is Derek Halliday, and I plan to use this blog to mostly bitch about comics, manga, anime, movies, and the minutia of pop-culture. I've mostly been doing this on LiveJournal up till now, but I'm sort of tired with my opinion counting about as much as every other emo-"Nobody-has-ever-felt-pain-as -deeply-and-as-sadly-as-I-have" teenagers. Also, everyone else I know seems to have a blog now, so I'm bowing to peer pressure.

I don't really have the time to follow the industry, so don't expect any breaking news that Chris Butcher hasn't already written something entirely more insightful (and probably with less speeling mistooks and grammarikal errors dan that here) about. It'll mostly be reviews of stuff I've bought, read, watched, or am excited about, and near daily nerd-gushings.

I'm also an artist, sometimes, so I'll post art now and then, since I've finally got a working scanner again, as well as trying to detail the rigors of trying to start a comic... I REALLY want to do one this year, and I'm going to try REALLY hard to actually do it this time... but it's going to be SO... FUCKING... HARD. Please bear with me.

The name COMIKAIDER is a variation on a character co-created with my boy Nathan Avery years ago named CONKAIDER, who was sort of a Con-Superhero, whose name we stole from HAKAIDER, the KIKAIDER villian. If I could put on a transformation belt, yell "HENSHIN!" with gusto and transform into a Japanese robo-insect superhero, it'd be COMIKAIDER.

Anyways, please enjoy.


RSantosJr said...

But Halliday, you left out the part about the EPIC TITS. :(

Halliday said...

RSJ, you are tits. Puuuuuure tits.

cyen said...

Dude, it's about time you have a blog for comics and stuff. :D Good luck with your project~

Halliday said...

Cyen>I'm excited. I can't wait to change the world by plugging into the awesome power of the Blogosphere, and altering the rotation of the planet itself.

Zach Worton said...