Monday, April 28, 2008


There were periods of "fuck-all-to-do" at work today, so I did some little sketches on this tiny memo-pad I keep on my pick-cart to do little sketches on when there's fuck all to do.

I've been trying to draw like Inio Asano, this fantastic mangaka I've found a few scanlations for. His book SOLANIN has been picked up by VIZ for their VIZ SIGNATURE line, and I'm TOTALLY excited about it. I think it comes out in November, or something, and will be a giant omnibus sort of like TEKKON KINKREET was, which is also awesome. I hope to GOD it does well, because I'd love to see his other works get picked up.

I'll do a post about Inio Asano at some point, but if you have some "fuck-all-to-do" time, look him up online. I recommend GOODNIGHT PUNPUN and NIJIRAHARA HOLOGRAPH.

This was literally done in, like, five minutes. I don't know why, but I'm much happier with my drawings when they're really really rough like this. I'm sort of happy with how this looks.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of times I think quick sketches turn out better because we tend to stop feeling what we want to do and instead overthink the "nuts and bolts" of the pose, composition, etc. I think the best way to sketch is to just go with it and try to things as spontaneously and on-the-fly as possible. I don't know about anyone else, but for me it's a really hard thing to do. But the hope is that when I actually do need to make a planned-out drawing, I can carry some of that fun and lively feeling over to it.