Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Special thanks to everyone that helped out this weekend:

Parrish, Joanna, Jason Azzopardi, Zack Worton, Eric Kim (however briefly), Ryan North and his girlfriend (I never got her name... sorry sorry. ^_^;;;), Jerry Resendez, Carlos, Amanda, Becka, Maggie, Kayla Hillier, Kai Boyzen, James and Lynn, Jamie and Shoshana, and of course Chris Butcher and Peter Birkimoe.

Special thanks also to Erik Ko and UDON for the ride home and the DARKSTALKERS TPB, which I've been looking for for awhile now.

Special thanks also to Heather for getting me out of the dealers room for awhile to get a TOFU... I really needed that. Thanks to the TOFU people for being awesome. Thanks to Tubby for coming back to Canada... sorry I totally blew my chance to hang out with you again. -_-;;;

If I missed anyone, let me know.

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