Monday, May 12, 2008

MANGA CVN 73: US Navy Manga

This is sort of interesting... The US Navy is publishing a manga about the USS George Washington as a way of trying to not scare the fuck out of the Japanese, as it's now stationed off the coast or something.

I-I... I'm not sure how I feel about that... on one level I think it's cool, on another level, absurd. I can easily see how this could become a very one-sided "YAY AMERICA!" propaganda piece.


(Got this off the the Icarus Comics Blog)


EEK said...

I think military propaganda is horrible, period. That being said, I think this recent piece really reminiscent of the propaganda comics cir. Pearl Harbor: there were lots of comics dropped behind enemy lines on both sides. American ones dropped behind Japanese lines, and vice versa.

I guess now that japan has no military (they've got like, a defence force or something?), they can't really retaliate much with their own books...on the other hand, their commercial takeover seems to be developing quite well regardless. I guess I'm just ambivalent, really...I dunno.

Anyways, there's a neat piece on Japanese propaganda comics here. Interesting reading, really!

Halliday said...

Japan has the SDF... the SUPER DIMENSIONAL FORTRESS! And an army of robots, both average sized and giant. And Saiyans. Really... how do you top that?

I think the part of me that find it cool is just that the US Government actually acknowledges comics and specifically manga as a legitimate educational tool... while the rest of me is a bit horrified at how gullible they think people are.

Thanks for the link, I'll read it after work. ^_^

EEK said...

Don't you think Edward James Olmos would make an AMAZING Admiral Gloval for a Robotech Live Action movie? God, they even SOUND the same. Making me think taht Admiral Gloval was the first Hispanic Russian on TV!

Halliday said...

HA HA! Hey, if Willem DaFoe can play a Mexican in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, then Edward James Olmos can play a Russian... besides Gloval was always colored so dark anyways.

Also, that'd be awesome.

Also, Tobby McGuire will be a terrible Rick Hunter.

Also, Tobby McGuire would make a better Max Sterling.

Also, Max Sterling is the cooler character.

Also, he gets to marry the coolest female character in ROBOTECH.