Thursday, May 8, 2008

WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN: I'm Still Out on This One...

MARVEL's posted a new trailer for their new X-MEN animated series coming out.... TBA.

(Special thanks to my favorite LJ-er, Prozacpark for inadvertantly alerting me to this)

Here are my first impressions...


- Darker themed story, combining regular, EVOLUTION, and movie continuity's.
- They're making use of a HUGE cast of characters, for a sort of nerd-"Where's Waldo", really... X-panding (heeeeeeeee) the universe.
- Art direction and animation looks generally pretty decent.
- Voice cast isn't bad (STEVEN J. BLUM AS WOLVERINE!), and Magneto actually sort of sounds like Ian McKellan.


- I'm not a huge fan of the character designs... a lot of them look really blocky, buldgy, and top heavy, and way to many characters have "cancer cheeks"... plus, why the pouty lips on EVERYBODY!?! Baffling.
- Art direction and animation is ONLY decent... maybe X-MEN: EVOLUTION just spoiled me, but com'n MARVEL... you can do better than "decent" with your first tier franchise!
- Wolverine as a title character... I don't think he can carry and ensemble piece... given that he's traditionally been portrayed as an anti-establishment loner for 20 SOME-ODD YEARS!
- The line-up is Forge, Ice-Man, Kitty Pryde, Beast, Cyclops, and Emma Frost? I get Cyclops and Emma Frost, but... did they just throw darts at a board? Is this someone's fan-fiction? Why can't anyone every put fucking Colossus in a series!?!

One great thing about the various X-Toons has always been that they're intelligently written, serialized, stories with broad spectrum appeal. To bad the original cartoon doesn't age well at all, but it was still some serious shit back in '92, and X-MEN: EVOLUTION... let's face it, it was, and always will be, the show to beat in terms of animated ADAPTATIONS of MARVEL characters (WARNER BROS still has MARVEL beat as a whole, though... they just can't compete with Bruce Timm... the guy knows how to produce a show that hits all the right nerd-buttons). Still... this looks like it'll be pretty good.

Fingers crossed.


RSantosJr said...

"the show to beat in terms of animated ADAPTATIONS of MARVEL characters"

...was MTV's Spider-Man.
X-Men Evolution was not that great.

Thankfully, Spectacular Spider-Man is the greatest Marvel animated series ever, so future generations won't even have to debate this any further.

Halliday said...

Why is the Mainframe SPIDER-MAN the greatest? Explain.

What was wrong with X-MEN EVOLUTION? Explain.

I personally really disliked the Mainframe SPIDER-MAN... I thought the art direction was hideous, the mo-capped animation laughable, and the writing mediocre. The only real saving grace was the voice cast, and the fact that they used the Micheal Clark Duncan Kingpin.