Friday, June 5, 2009


As with previous years, I once again took the on the 3 day retail marathon of fucked up that is Anime North.

Unlike previous years, load-in and setup went remarkably smoothly... even as under-staffed as we were, work was evenly and fairly distributed, and everything was good to go an hour before the show started. And, man oh man, WHAT a start! The economy may be shit everywhere else, but it had no effect on the retail tsunami of Anime North 2009! These kids, usually somewhat shrewd and reserved on the opening day, were ravenous for Manga and Anime merchandise of all kinds! It was hand over fist, non-stop, until shows end.

And it pretty much kept up like that all weekend.

And between taking nerds money, I got some pictures... since nothing really interesting or fucked up happened this year... COSPLAY PICTURES will tell my story!

I thought this guy was a KAMEN RIDER, but he was actually one of the Seekers from KINGDOM HEARTS III: BIRTH BY SLEEP (which I'm pretty sure isn't out yet). AWESOME either way.

There was a super weird trend this year of guys in costumes that were... just totally not applicable to Anime North. Such as... Doctor McNinja and a seriously creepy Frank from DONNIE DARKO. The significane of these costumes? LOST on these fucking kids. Heathens.

I think this was Captain Ron cosplaying as Captain Harlock.

The first Yoko of the con. Predictably, GURREN LAGANN hit BIG this year. The costumes were all very impressive, but the GUNS were insane!

Gothic Loli is still big too, apparently. Last year I couldn't sell the Gothic Loli Bibles to save my life, but this year Erik Kim sold EVERY... SINGLE... FUCKING... ONE. Crazy.

Ha ha ha! Jerry actually had me take this one... Wonder Woman is the only woman he would actually fuck, and this chick was as close to actual Wonder Woman as you can get. Actually, I think her costume is actually better than Linda Carters...

Also, I want that guys VENTURE BROS. shirt.
I used to have a huge nerd-crush on Sailor Mercury, who this girl looks nothing like.

CYBERSIX! Once again, even though this costume is TOTALLY APPLICABLE to Anime North, I'm assuming it was lost on everyone but me. -_- That show as sick as fuck.