Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The ANIME NORTH 2009 Photo Storm continues...

A pretty solid Chun-Li... if you ignore the lack of Asian-ness. I'm always a little unclear on the etiquette of cosplaying as a character of a specific ethnicity. Most characters in anime are of questionable ethnic background as most are either entirely fantasy based, or their character designs are as such that you cannot determine a specific background (even the though a lot of anime takes place in Japan, no one ever looks specifically Japanese unless they're designed by Katsuhiro Otomo or Mamoru Oshii, :B), but a character like Chun-Li, or in fact all characters from STREET FIGHTER are pretty much defined by their nationality. I guess, in the end, it's all just good fun as long as you don't tape your eyes back and do it up like some horrible '40-'50's stereotype. MAN were they racist back then...

GUN-DAMN, what a cool helmet! I would have loved that back when I played hockey, yo! Then I'd have run through those big bastards from Stroud like they they were dirty Zeon Zaku's, WHAT! Seriously, that is a cool helmut. I just wish the guy had put that effort into the rest of his rather lame costume... that tee-shirt and badge combo are fucking WEAK, guy.

Digimon. Digimon. Di-Di-Di-Digimon. DIGIMON, DIGITAL MONSTERS, DIGIMON ARE THE CHAMP-YONS. DIGIMON was so sick back in the '90's, and I cannot express how much fucking better than POKEMON that show was. In fact, FUCK POKEMON.

The great thing about DIGIMON was that, as fun and kid-centric as the show was, it was also able to go super dark, dealing with themes of lose, tragedy, and even death, all within a serialize storyline; particularly in my favorite DIGIMON series, SAVERS (though FRONTIER had the best english opening). A fun show perfectly safe for children, with some nice animation (later) and some great character designs, and all without having to pander (much... FOX really fucked around with the dub).

DAI-GURREN Girl. This is probably the most clever costume I've ever seen... just a genius way of using the mechnical design to your advantage.

GANKUTSUOU: THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. I-I have no idea what the fuck this has to do with THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO... I seriously have no idea.

Another Haruhi in her ENOZ outfit, but this one actually had a guitar, which was pretty awesome. Should couldn't play GOD KNOWS though.

HOLY SHIT, SON! WHAT THE FUCK IS SPIDER JERUSALEM DOING HERE? Despite that dude being totally on model and in character... the coolness of his costume was fucking LOST... on EVERYONE. So, ha ha, FUCK YOU SPIDER, you can't get pussy at an anime convention cosplaying as a Warren Ellis character. Try Naruto next time. Naruto is the ANIME NORTH pussy magnet.

Speaking of ANIME NORTH pussy magnets... how the FUCK did this guy mack three asian maids? He's not even dressed up as Naruto! That's just senseless. ANIME NORTH man... fucking ANIME NORTH.

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