Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I took a lot more pictures than I thought this year...

ANIMENORTH Photo Storm Part 4

Zero from the MEGA MAN ZERO series. I swear this guy looked super cool from, like, 20 feet away...

SPEED RACER if they had cast Seth Rogan. It would have been a VERY different movie. VERY different. O_O This guy couldn't look less like Speed Racer.

It's the Bunny Girl! Bunny Girl was at my first AN (working for the Beguiling), and at almost ever one from then on, except for last year. She's put on a little weight, but still looks good. Also, SHE macked Eric Kim... unbelievable!

It's the FINAL FANTASY: ADVENT CHILDREN crew. These guys actually look pretty good. Zack's creepy dead eyes scare the shit out of me though. Brian Harvey had a serious problem with these kids huge fucking swords though... like, conceptually. He just didn't think they were practical, and I suppose they aren't. But MAN do they look cool!

It's the WORLD WARRIORS of STREET FIGHTER! Cammy, Guile, Fei Long, and Ryu Hayabusa! This was actually a pretty impressive and accurate lot... until you get to White Heavy-Set Ryu, who shatters an otherwise perfect illusion. Still, you have to admire their professionalism. They had a whole spiel worked out... especially Guile; that guy went the distance.

Another GUILTY GEAR character, May. She is (A) on model (B) ethnically accurate (I think... I can never tell when anime characters are NOT supposed to be Japanese) and (C) adorable. It's a cosplay hattrick! Also you can see Peter hustling his wares in the background. Peter is a pretty good hustler.

More GURREN LAGANN. The Enki is pretty solid, but that was probably the least impressive Yoko of the weekend. It's the lame shoes that break the illusion.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Ok... technically this guy is awesome, but once again, he's at totally the wrong show. To the people of ANIME NORTH, this guy is the Tom Baker Doctor; the BEST Doctor; this is just some guy with a really weird sense of style. I'm assuming a lot of people just thought that he dressed like this, like, all the time, to stand out from the highschool crowd. Sorry Tom Baker Doctor; NO PUSSY FOR YOU!

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